PlayOut Tennis

Upcoming: Istria PlayOut Tennis Classic 2020 

Outreach Program 

We are happy to launch our special Outreach Programme. Thanks to the support of Citizens for Europe and Belgrade Pride we are in a position to help a selected few players with making their wish to join the GLTA's first ever event in the Balkans come true. If you are from the South-East Europe region, if you are a student, and/or if you are currently facing economic difficulties this opportunity is for you!


This short application form is aimed to identify those tennis players who would like to attend the inaugural edition of the Belgrade PlayOut Open 2019 (31 May - 2 June) but might need some financial help. Please fill out the form latest by 31 March 2019 and send any proof of your status or similar to


Eligibility Criteria


Eligible candidates are players from the South-East Europe region, students and/or others from across Europe that are currently unemployed, between jobs or with low income. The organizers will select up to 5 players that meet these criteria. The stipend entails a maximum of 3 nights accommodation and/or a waiver of the registration fee.


This is a confidential process and we will not disclose any of the information provided to third parties or other players.